Made in Perth | People

Find out about people who were born in, who have lived in, who have made a significant visit or contribution to, or who otherwise have a connection with the city of Perth and its surrounding area.


Adam Abel ~ Chronicler

Henry Adamson ~ Poet and Historian

Patrick Adamson ~ Religious Figure and Writer

Adam Anderson ~ Schoolmaster, Engineer, and Professor of Natural Philosophy

Saint Adomnán of Iona

Isabel Allison ~ Covenanter

Andrew ~ Bishop of Caithness

William Archer ~ Dramatic Critic, Playwright, and Translator of Ibsen

Robert Archibald Armstrong ~ Lexicographer

William Arnot ~ Free Church Minister

Kitty Atholl (Katherine Murray) ~ Politician and Scotland’s First Woman MP


Will Ballantine ~ Trade Unionist and Socialist

George Ballingall ~ Military Surgeon and Medical Pioneer

Edward Balliol ~ King of Scotland

Patrick Bannerman ~ Minister, Writer, and Religious Radical

Alexander Balmain Bruce ~ Minister and Theologian

James Barbour ~ Communist Councillor

Hugh Barclay ~ Judge and Writer on Legal Matters

John Barclay ~ Anatomist

John Evelyn Barlas ~ Poet and Anarchist-Communist

Arthur Kinmond Bell ~ Distiller and Whisky Magnate

Bessie Bell & Mary Gray 

Charles Bisset ~ Surgeon and Military Engineer

Patrick Blair ~ Botanist, Surgeon, and Anatomist

John Blaw of Castlehill, Culcross ~ Jacobite

John Blow (Blaw) Printer and Bookseller

James Bonar ~ Economist

George Scott Boyd ~ Biochemist

General Edward Braddock ~ Military Officer

Andrew Brodie ~ Covenanter

Mary Brooksbank ~ Revolutionary, Poet, and Songwriter

John Brown ~ Minister, Professor of Theology

John Brown of Priesthill ~ Covenanter

James Browne ~ Journalist, Writer, and Editor

Charles Bruce ~ Colonial Governor and Imperialist

Michael Bruce ~ Poet

Alexander Bryce ~ Mathematician and Church of Scotland Minister

Alexander Buchan ~ Meteorologist

Anna Buchan – O. Douglas ~ Writer

John Buchan ~ Author and Statesman

James Buchan ~ Arthur Dewar ~ Charlie Gallagher ~ Adam Craig Gilchrist ~ Bill MacDonald ~ Justin Langer ~ Jimmy Whyte 

Dugald Buchanan ~ Gaelic Poet

John Lanne Buchanan ~ Writer

T. R. Buchanan ~ Politician

Agnata Frances (Ramsay) Butler ~ Classical Scholar


James Calder ~ Distiller

James Clark Cameron ~ Medical Doctor and Chair of the BMA

Sir David Young Cameron ~ Painter

Neil Cameron ~ Marshall of the RAF

Paul Cameron ~ Pitlochry’s Photographer

Robert Campbell ~ Glencoe Massacre

Robert Campbell of the Yukon ~ Explorer

Henry Campbell-Bannerman ~ Liberal MP, Secretary of the War Office, Secretary for Ireland, Prime Minister

David Cargill ~ Covenanter

Robert Carver ~ Composer

Winifred Anna Cavendish-Bentinck ~ Avian Rights Activist

Christie Cleek ~ Cannibal

William Cleland (c1661-1689) ~ Scottish Covenanting Poet and Soldier

James Connolly ~ Socialist, Revolutionary, Trade Unionist, and Republican

Helen Crawfurd ~ Political Activist, Suffragette and Red Cydesider

James Crichton – Admirable Crichton

James Croll ~ Physicist

Oliver Cromwell ~ Bourgeois  Revolutionary and Soldier

John Cunningham ~ Historian and Minister

Robert Cunninghame-Graham ~ Politician, Writer, and Founder of the Scottish Labour Party


John Alexander Dewar ~ Distiller

William Croft Dickinson ~ Historian

James Donn ~ Botanist and Horticulturalist

Frederick Douglass ~ Abolitionist and Statesman

Gavin Douglas ~ Poet

David Douglas ~ Botanist and Explorer

General Robert Douglas ~ Soldier

Alexander Dow ~ Army Officer and Writer

Alexander Drummond ~ the Auchterarder Warlock

Anabella Drummond ~ Wife of 1st Earl of Montrose

James Eric Drummond ~ Diplomat

Peter Robert Drummond ~ Bookseller and Agriculturist

Victoria Alexandrina Drummond ~ Marine Engineer

Alexander Duff ~ Professor of Missionary Studies, Evangelist, and founder of the University of Calcutta

Thomas Duncan ~ Painter

Henry Dundas ~ Lawyer and Politician



Major General William Farquhar ~ Founder of Singapore

David Farquharson ~ Landscape Painter

Adam Ferguson ~ Philosopher and Chaplain to the Black Watch

J. D. Fergusson ~ Painter

Jane Findlater and Mary Findlater ~ Writers

Neil Forsyth ~ Opera House Manager


Patrick Geddes ~ Biologist, Sociologist, Geographer, Philanthropist and Pioneering Town Planner

William Geddes and the Blairgowire School of Painting

James Edward Gordon ~ Politician and Religious Activist

Alan Gorrie and the Average White Band

Niel Gow ~ Musician and Composer

James (Gillespie) Graham ~ Architect

John Graham (Viscount Dundee) Royalist Soldier, Nobleman, and Jacobite

Robert Graham ~ Town Clerk

Thomas Graham ~ Soldier and Politician

Francis Grant ~ Portrait Painter and Painter of Sporting Scenes

General James Hope Grant ~ Soldier

Thomas Gray ~ Author and Poet

John Gregson ~ Actor

John Grierson ~ Documentary Film Maker

Christopher William Graham Guest ~ Judge


Patrick Haldane ~ Politician and Lawyer

Hugh Haliburton ~ Poet

Charles Frederick Hempel ~ Organist and Composer

Hamish Henderson ~ Poet and Songwriter

William Henderson ~ Medical Doctor

David Octavius Hill ~ Painter and Photographer

Henry Home ~ Lord of Session

John Burns Hynd ~ Trade Unionist and Labour MP



Gordon Jackson ~ Actor

St John of Dunkeld ~ Scottish Saint

Robert Johnson ~ Draughtsman and Engraver


Arthur Keith ~ Curator, Anthropologist, and Anatomist

John Scott Keltie ~ Geographer

James Peeble Ewing Kennaway ~ Novelist & Screenwriter

Marjory Kennedy Fraser ~ Singer and Folk-song Collector


Henry Duncan Littlejohn ~ Professor of Medical Jurisprudence

Lena Login ~ Courtier

Angus Lennie ~ Actor

James Lorimer ~ Professor of Public Law


John MacDiarmid ~ Writer

Hugh MacDiarmid ~ Poet and Political Activist

James Archibald Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie ~ Politician

James Mackenzie ~ Medical Pioneer

William Macdonald Mackenzie ~ Architect

Johannes Machabeus ~ Dominican Prior and Professor of Theology

Lawrence MacDonald ~ Sculptor

Rob Roy MacGregor (1671-1734) ~ Farmer and Cattle-dealer

Charles MacKay ~ Journalist and Songwriter

Alexander Mackenzie ~ Canada’s Second Prime Minister

Thomas Maclagan ~ Medical Pioneer

Ian Maclaren ~ Author and Theologian

John Maclean ~ Revolutionary & Educator

John James Rickard Macleod~ Nobel Prize Winner and Developer of Insulin

David Mallet (Malloch) ~ Poet and Songwriter

Thomas Hay Marshall ~ Magistrate and Baillie

Patrick Matthew of Gourdiehill ~ Arboriculturist and Evolutionist

James Maxton ~ Orator and Politician

Donald Maxwell ~ Opera Singer

James McGregor ~ Minister and Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

Professor Donald B McIntyre ~ Mountaineer, Piper, Scholar, and Writer

Archibald Menzies ~ Naturalist and Surgeon

Naomi Mitchison ~ Poet and Writer

David Morrison ~ Chartist Leader and Trade Unionist

Oswald Mosely ~ Leader of British Union of Fascists

Lord George Murray ~ Jacobite General

William Murray, first Earl of Mansfield ~ Judge and Politician

James Murray ~ Assassin and Radical

John Mylne ~ Master Mason

The Mylne Family ~ Master Masons


Martin Niemoller ~ Pastor and Defier of Adolf Hitler

Eliza Ogilvy ~ Poet and Letter Writer

Caroline Oliphant – Lady Nairne ~ Poet


Richard Parker ~ Seaman and Mutineer

James Peeble Ewing Kennaway ~ Novelist and Screenwriter

Pontius Pilate ~ Roman Procurator of Judaea

Edgar Allan Poe ~ Writer



John Ramsay ~ Owner of Ochtertyre Estate

John Robertson Reid ~ Soldier and Musician

Robert Reid ~ Architect

Robert Gillespie Reid ~ Bridge and Railway Builder

William Ritichie ~ Scientist and Mathematician

John Monteath Robertson ~ Crystallographer

Annie Erskine Robinson ~ Suffragist, Socialist and Pacifist

Thomas Ross ~ Architect

John Row ~ Religious Reformer and Hebrew Scholar

Patrick Ruthven ~ Soldier

The Ruthven Family and the Gowrie Conspiracy


St William of Perth (St William of Rochester) ~ Martyr

Robert Sandeman ~ Promoter of the Glasite Church

Lord Sands ~ Politician, Lawyer, Church Advisor, and Educationalist

The Sandemans of Springland

John Henry Saville ~ Perth Theatre and Opera House

Thomas Semton ~ Clergyman and Moderator of the Church of Scotland

George Seton ~ Civil Servant, Historian, and Genealogist

William Shakespeare ~ Actor, Poet, Playwright, and Dramatist

William Simpson ~ Watercolourist and Journalist

Duleep Singh ~ Maharajah of Lahore and King of the Sikh Empire

Thomas Small ~ Covenanter

Thomas Smeaton ~ Theologian

Robert Smirke ~ Architect

Jess Smith – Writer, Historian, and Traditional Storyteller

William Soutar – Poet and Diarist

Robert Southey ~ Poet

John Stalker ~ Theologian

Alexander Stewart ~ Shoemaker and Gaelic Scholar

Belle Stewart ~ Singer, Poet, and Songwriter

Daniel Stewart ~ Benefactor

David Stewart ~ Soldier and Historian

Daniel Stewart ~ Master of the Court of Exchequer

Andy Stewart ~ Singer and Entertainer

Robert Louis Stevenson ~ Author

Robert Stirling ~ Clergyman and Inventor

(Robert) Douglas Strachan ~ Stained Glass Artist

John Strang ~ Religious Figure and Principal of Glasgow University

John Proudfoot Strattons ~ Surgeon and Governmental Official

Lieutenant-General Robert Stuart of Annat and Rait

Robert Stuart ~ Historian and Writer

Lieutenant-General Robert Stuart ~ Soldier

James Archibald Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie ~ Statesman


Thomas Telford ~ Engineer

Thomas Thomson ~ Professor of Chemistry

William Thomson ~ Writer

Ramsay Heatley Traquair ~ Palaeontologist

Threipland Family ~ Merchant Family of Perthshire

Thomas Tullidelph ~ Minister and University Principal

Patrick Torry ~ Scottish Episcopal Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld, and Dunblane

John Tulloch ~ Theologian

Lawrence Tuttiett ~ Minister, Poet, and Hymn Writer




William Wallace ~ Mathematician

Robert Watt ~ Revolutionary or Police Informer

John Wedderburn ~ Jacobite Army Officer

John Welwood ~ Covenanting Minister

David Wemyss ~ Jacobite Army Officer

Francis Buchanan White ~ Entomologist

Sir Alexander Frederick Whyte ~ Politician

William first Earl of Gowrie

Bill Wilkie ~ Accordionist, Entertainer, Dance band Leader, and Impresario

Frederick Charles Wilton ~ Stage Manager and Actor

General James Wolfe ~ Soldier & Conqueror of Quebec

John Wood ~ Geographer

Vernon Woodward ~ Fighter Ace

William Wordsworth ~ Poet



James Young ~ Inventor, Agricultural Engineer, and Philanthropist

Thomas Young or Yonge ~ Minister and Religious Figure

Thomas Young ~ Religious Figure, Writer, and Teacher