John Strang ~ Religious Figure and Principal of Glasgow University

John Strang – Religious figure and Principal of Glasgow University was born at Irvine, Ayrshire in 1547. Attended St Andrews University from the age of 12. After attaining an MA he was appointed a regent of St Leonard’s College. Strang was ordained 10 April 1614 and joined the parish of Errol in Perthshire. He became a Doctor of Divinity 29 July 1616. As a member of the general assembly he attended the meeting at Perth in 1618 and voted against the five articles. The following year he became a high commissioner. He was responsible for the conversion of members of Perthshire’s Errol family to the Protestant Church. In 1626 Strang accepted the principalship of Glasgow University. As well as running the university he taught divinity and Hebrew. He took a cautious position to the National Covenant being a late subscriber. His time at Glasgow was not without its difficulties and controversy and he his battles with the elders and covenanters almost lost him his position on several occasions. He was examined by the assembly in August 1647 but was exonerated. Nevertheless, with the growing strength of the rigid Covenanters, Strang was eventually forced to resign. Under his governance the University of Glasgow expanded. Whilst visiting Edinburgh (20 June 1654) Strang died. He is buried at Greyfriars churchyard in Edinburgh. He was three times married and produced several children. Amongst his body of writing is included De Voluntate et Actionibus Dei circa Peccatum (1657) and De Interpretatione et Perfectione Scripturae, una cum opusculis de Sabbato (1663).