Robert Stuart ~ Historian and Writer

ROBERT STUART (1812-1848) historian and writer was born in Glasgow on 21 January 1812. His father (William Stuart) a merchant travelled frequently and so Robert was left in the care of his grandfather from an early age. With his grandparents, Robert Stuart lived close to Perth. Later (1819) he joined his parents in Nice (and then Gibraltar). Robert Stuart attended a boarding-school (1821) in Perth and by 1825 was settled with his parents, who had now moved to Glasgow. In Glasgow, Robert worked with his father selling and publishing books; eventually taking over the business for himself. Robert Stuart married and continued to live in Glasgow until his death on December 23, 1848. Robert Stuart’s interest in history and literature led to some successful writing: Byronic verse for the Literary Rambler; editing the Scottish Monthly Magazine; an antiquarian study of Glasgow; and, writing an important historical book – Caledonia Romana (Roman Antiquities in Scotland) 1845.