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James Calder ~ Distiller

James Calder – distiller – born 28 December 1869 at Alloa to a family of brewers. He was educated at Perth Academy and later St Benedict’s College, Fort Augustus. In 1886 joined his father’s business and three years later became manager of the Bo’ness distillery. As a brewer/distiller, Calder put his […]

Ian Maclaren ~ Author and Theologian

Ian Maclaren – author and theologian – born John Watson 3 November 1850 at Manningtree in Essex. He studied at Stirling and then Edinburgh University before undertaking theology at New College, Edinburgh and Tubingen. In 1874 he became a minister in the Free Church of Scotland. Amongst his positions were ministries […]

Thomas Tullidelph ~ Minister and University Principal

Thomas Tullidelph – minister and university principal; he was known as an eloquent speaker and preacher. Born in Dunbarney Parish to the local Minster, Thomas Tullidelph became the founder and first principal of United College, St Andrews University. He spent some 50 years as an academic and religious figure in Perthshire and […]

David Wemyss ~ Jacobite Army Officer

David Wemyss (6th Earl of Wemyss – Lord Elcho) – Jacobite army officer born 12 August 1721. After Winchester College, Wemyss was sent to Angers military academy. Whilst in Rome (1740-41), he met James Stuart (James III of Scotland). By February 1744, Wemyss was a colonel of dragoons and a member […]

Robert Watt ~ Revolutionary or Police Informer

Robert Watt (1761×88-1794) – revolutionary or police informer – was educated at Perth Academy before taking up employment in Edinburgh. After various jobs – clerk, writer and wine merchant – he began working as a spy for the Lord Advocate, Robert Dundas. The late 18th century was a radical period across […]