T. R. Buchanan ~ Politician

T. R. Buchanan – politician – born in 1846 and later educated at Balliol College, Oxford. He graduated with a First Class in Classical and Mathematical Moderations, then a First Class in Greats. By 1871 he was a Fellow of All Souls College and Librarian of the Codrington Library. Here he stayed until 1882 producing Bookbinding in the Library of All Souls College: twelve plates drawn by John James Wild Ph.D. (1880). In 1881, Buchanan became MP for Edinburgh. Subsequently, he was elected as the MP for Perthshire East (1903-10). As a Liberal he joined the government of Henry Campbell-Bannerman in December 1905 and was appointed Financial Secretary to the War Office (1905-8). After April 1908, Bannerman became Privy Councillor and then under Asquith, Under Secretary of State for India (until June 1909). Ill health forced his retirement in 1909. T. R. Buchanan died in 1911.