Charles MacKay ~ Journalist and Songwriter

This journalist and songwriter was born in Perth in the year 1814. During the American Civil War, Charles MacKay was appointed the New York correspondent for The Times (1862-65). Prior to this he had edited the Glasgow Argus (1844-47) and the Illustrated London News (1848-59). His more famous songs are:

There’s a Good Time Coming

Cheer, Boys, Cheer

As a writer he produced a number of books:

Popular Delusions (1841)

Forty Years’ Recollections (1877)

Charles MacKay had two children:

Marie Corelli (1855-1924) a novelist born in England – A Romance of Two Worlds (1886); Thelma (1887); Wormwood (1891); The Soul of Lilith (1892); Barabbas (1893); The Sorrows of Satan (1895); The Mighty Atom (1896); and, God’s Good Man (1904).

Eric MacKay (1851-1898) who was a minor poet.