Thomas Young or Yonge ~ Minister and Religious Figure

Thomas Young or Yonge ~ Master of Jesus in Jesus Chapel (1644-50). Born at Luncarty in Perthshire, 1587; son of a Scottish minister – vocal Presbyterian (parishes included Pitcairne, Auchtergaven, Redgorton and Luncarty). Educated at Grammar School, Perth, and the University of St Andrew, where he graduated MA in 1606. Tutoring in London, 16l2. Private tutor to John Milton, c1618-22; appointed Chaplain to the English merchants in Hamburg, 1622. Milton, writing to him from London on the 26 March 1625, to acknowledge the gift of a Hebrew Bible, expresses ‘boundless and singular gratitude’ and says he regards him ‘in the light of a father.’ Returned to England 1628, and appointed to Vicarages of St Peter and St Mary at Stowmarket. Author of Dies Dominica, on the keeping of the Sabbath and one of the leaders among the five divines who wrote the famous pamphlet entitled Smectymnuusattacking episcopacy. Member of the Assembly of Divines, 1643, and preacher of St James, Duke Place; installed Master of Jesus in Jesus Chapel by the Earl of Manchester, 12 April 1644. Deprived of Mastership 1650, and retired to Stowmarket; d28 November 1655, aged 68. Buried in the parish church, Stowmarket, beside his wife, Rebecca, who had died in 1651. His eldest son Thomas, ‘MA and President of Jesus College’, is buried with him.