Patrick Torry ~ Scottish Episcopal Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld, and Dunblane

Patrick Torry (1763-1852) ~ Scottish Episcopal bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane – was born 27 December 1763 in Aberdeenshire, the son of a woollen cloth producer. His uncle a Jacobite moved him from the Church of Scotland and into Episcopalianism. In September of 1782 he became an Episcopalian priest whilst still less than 20 years of age. By 1791, he was in charge of Peterhead and by 1807 Torry was treasurer of the Scottish Episcopal Friendly Society. During this period, Torry married twice and had seven children. Torry became bishop of Dunkeld on 6 October 1808 whilst retaining his Peterhead connections. This bishopric he held for 44 years. In 1844 became bishop of the united dioceses of Dunkeld, Dunblane and St Andrews. As a bishop, Torry was responsible for the controversial 1850 Prayer Book, which caused some consternation among other Episcopalians. Divisions between formally non-juring Episcopalians and more Anglicised members were behind the issue. Charles Wordsworth led the opposition to Torry and eventually the synod censured Torry’s Prayer Book. Under Patrick Torry’s guidance were established Trinity College, Glenalmond and St Ninian’s Cathedral in Perth. Torry died 3 October 1852 and is buried in St Ninian’s Cathedral.