John Proudfoot Stratton ~ Surgeon and Government Official

John Proudfoot StrattonĀ surgeon and government official, was born at Caputh by Dunkeld in 1830. He began an apprenticeship with a Dr Ingham of North Shields in 1840 and by 1855 had attained the degrees of BM and MD from the University of Aberdeen. As a medical student, Stratton was exceptional and attained high honours and awards throughout his period of study. Stratton’s medical career was initially with the East India Company which had sponsored his studies. He worked within the Indian Medical Service in Bombay and Baroda. During the latter appointment Stratton helped found a hospital and set up vaccination activity. From 1857, Stratton began to move more into the administrative and political field taking charge of the district of Bundelkhand in 1859. From then on, Stratton rose through the civil service of the East India Company until his retirement in 1885. Stratton married in 1859 – Georgina Anderson – with whom he had six children. He died in 1895.