Sir Alexander Frederick Whyte ~ Politician

Sir Alexander Frederick Whyte – politician – was born 30 September 1883 and became the Liberal MP for Perth in 1910. He held that position until 1918. He was parliamentary private secretary (1910-15) to Winston Churchill who was Home Secretary and subsequently First Lord of the Admiralty. During World War I, Alexander Frederick Whyte held the command of lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve on special service (1914-17). Amongst the other positions held in his life-time, Alexander Frederick Whyte was First President of the Central Legislative Assembly in India (1920-25); advisor to the National Government of China (1929-32); Director General of the English Speaking Union (1938); and, head of the American division of the Ministry of Information (1939-40).

As a journalist, Alexander Frederick Whyte, was founder and editor of The New Europe (1917-20) and wrote several books across a wide field, but especially on India and Japan. He was knighted in 1922 and died in 1970. His portrait (photograph) can be found at the National Portrait Gallery in London.