Niel Gow ~ Musician and Composer

One of the most renowned of Scottish musicians from any period in that country’s history. Born at Dunkeld in 1727, Niel Gow composed in excess of one hundred strathspeys and reels including Farewell to Whisky, as well as being known for the accomplishment with the fiddle. He died in 1807. He worked for the Duke of Atholl as his personal violinist. His four sons were accomplished fiddlers also. Gow met Burns and Bonnie Prince Charlie. Buried at Little Dunkeld (NO 029422).

Nathaniel Gow: Son of the above born in 1766. Like his father a prolific writer of music – producing some two hundred airs. In addition, he became King’s Trumpeter for Scotland as well as a notable bandleader. He died in 1831.