Anna Buchan – O. Douglas ~ Writer

Anna Masterton Buchan – O. Douglas: This author was born in Kirkcaldy, Fife on 24 March 1877. The daughter of a minister and the sister of John Buchan, Anna Buchan was educated at Hutcheson’s Grammar School in Glasgow. Most of her life was spent in Peebles and her home appears in her writing as Priorsford. The novels of Anna Buchan were written under the name O. Douglas:

Olivia in India – 1912

The Setons – 1917

Penny Plain – 1920

Ann and her Mother – 1922

The Proper Place -1926

Jane’s Parlour – 1937

People Like Ourselves – 1938

Unforgettable, Unforgotten – 1945 – a biography of her family

Farewell to Priorsford – 1950 – autobiography, published posthumously

Anna Buchan died in Peebles in 1948.