John Graham (Viscount Dundee) Royalist Soldier, Nobleman, and Jacobite

John Graham, Viscount Dundee (1648/9-89) – Known as Claverhouse from his estate, Graham led Government troops against the Covenanters at Drumclog and Bothwell. He was personally responsible for the murder of John Brown of Priesthill in front of his wife and family. Graham led the Jacobites at the Battle of Killiecrankie (27 July 1689); although they won, he was killed in the battle. Buried within Blair Atholl aisle (Old Blair NN 867665). “John Graham of Claverhouse, 1st Viscount Dundee was a Scottish soldier and nobleman. Claverhouse is remembered by history in two distinct characters. Unfavourable records of his supposed persecution of the Covenanters, when he was responsible for policing south-west Scotland during and after the religious unrest and rebellion of the 1670s and 80s, led to Presbyterian historians dubbing him “Bluidy Clavers”. Later, as a general in the Scottish army, Claverhouse remained loyal to King James VII after the so-called Glorious Revolution of 1688. He rallied the loyal Highland clans and, although he lost his life in the battle, led them to victory at Killiecrankie. This first Jacobite rising was unsuccessful, but Claverhouse became a Jacobite hero, acquiring his second soubriquet “Bonnie Dundee”.