Lena Login ~ Courtier

Lena Login (1820-1904) – courtier – Born in Perth to John and Ann Campbell (11 children). Left for India in 1842 to make her fortune. Married Dr John Login a surgeon with administrative title to the court of Oudh, 28 July 1842 in Lucknow (6 children). Lena soon learnt the language of the court and became integral to her husband’s work – being allowed access to female members – and respected within the court by the nobles (zenanas and nawabs). When the British defeated the rising in the Anglo-Sikh War (1849), Lena Login became guardian to the deposed Duleep Singh and together with her husband helped educate the heir to the Punjab throne. In 1854, Duleep Singh moved to England and the Logins came with. John Login soon received a knighthood from Queen Victoria. Duleep Singh’s sister (Princess Victoria Gouramma) married Lena Login’s brother, Colonel John Campbell and though he was thirty years older than her, he outlived her; she died in 1854 aged twenty-three. John Login died in 1863. She published Sir John Login and Duleep Singh telling both the story of her and her husband’s time with Duleep Singh and detailing the latter’s case against British Imperialism. Lena Login died at home in Kent on 17 April 1904.