Daily Archives: February 24, 2022

Inchaffrey Abbey

Between Perth and Crieff there was once a rich and historically important abbey. Nowadays very few know of its existence, far less its history and how the Abbot Maurice played a seminal role in Scotland’s war with the English at Bannockburn. All that remains are some walls and an earth […]

Bourne End Rail Crash

Perhaps the most tragic event to befall the people of this area happened just one month after the end of World War Two. The rail crash in 1979 at Invergowrie was not the worst to affect the people of Perth and Perthshire. Bourne End was truly tragic, newlyweds, soldiers being […]

Victoria Drummond

Victoria Drummond was also a second world war hero who bravely saved the lives of 49 of her ship mates. She sailed as a ship engineer on many dangerous convoys across the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. Victoria smelled the gunpowder in World War Two before most other woman and men. […]

Jessie Jordan

The story of Jessie Jordan has been told many times, in books and newspaper articles, but few know of her Perth connections and her complicated life. What was the reason for doing what she did by turning traitor against the country of her birth? Perhaps the story of her life […]

Blair Atholl and John William Dunne

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines, yes, they went up tiddley up and down tiddley down in the Highlands of Perthshire. It may be a surprise to learn that the War Office had to put out a statement in 1907 dismissing rumours that the Balloon Factory near Farnborough Common […]