Perth Past

Buffalo Bill

On Monday 5 September 1905 quite an amazing one-day-only event took place on Perth’s South Inch. Custer’s Last Stand at the Battle of the Little Bighorn was faithfully re-enacted at the much-anticipated spectacular event of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Performances were at 2pm and again that same night at […]

Wild West Show poster and tickets

Inchaffrey Abbey

Between Perth and Crieff there was once a rich and historically important abbey. Nowadays very few know of its existence, far less its history and how the Abbot Maurice played a seminal role in Scotland’s war with the English at Bannockburn. All that remains are some walls and an earth […]

Bourne End Rail Crash

Perhaps the most tragic event to befall the people of this area happened just one month after the end of World War Two. The rail crash in 1979 at Invergowrie was not the worst to affect the people of Perth and Perthshire. Bourne End was truly tragic, newlyweds, soldiers being […]

Moscow Special Assignment Airgroup of the Soviet Air Force

In 1942-3, the Moscow Special Assignment Airgroup of the Soviet Air Force (No. 305 FTU) was based at RAF Errol airfield in Perthshire (near Dundee). Comprising 60 Russian pilots, navigators, and engineers the ‘ferry’ unit flew British Armstrong Whitworth A.W.41 Albemarle (twin-engine transport aircraft – part of a contract of […]

Perth Typographical Society

Perth Typographical Society PTS (a printing union whose lineage can be traced back to the General Typographical Association of Scotland (established in 1836 (the Perth branch of which was formed c1837); amalgamated with the National Typographical Association in 1844; collapsed in early 1848) maintained a branch in Perth from 1 […]

Miscellaneous Trade Union and Labour Documents

Perth & Kinross Council Archive 1. Labour Party (Perth) 1937-c1939: miscellaneous Labour Party and related publications. 912 J. Guild (Jun.) Secretary 3 North Methven Street. Includes copy of Perth Herald published by Perth Trades and Industrial Council Issue No. 1 autumn, 1936. E.T.U. publication: What E.T.U. Members think of NCLC […]

Electrical Trades Union – Perth Branch

Electrical Trades Union – Perth Branch  1937-c.1939: papers mainly concerning appeals on behalf of members. 906 ETU established 1889. 1937-c1939: papers – includes copy minutes of Scottish District Joint Industrial Council, no. 13 area (Electricity supply industry); copy of working rules recommended for acceptance between E.CA. of S. and E.T.U.; […]

Amalgamated Society of Dyers, Bleachers, Finishers and Kindred Trades – Perth Branch

Amalgamated Society of Dyers, Bleachers, Finishers and Kindred Trades – Perth Branch 1927-29: (documents): minute book. 900. Perth Museum. From 28 April 1927 until 19 June 1929. Committee met at Trades Club. Issue of piecework pay (young girls) at Messrs Pullar & Sons. John Brough President, Miss J. C. Taylor […]