Perth Academy

Henry Duncan Littlejohn ~ Professor of Medical Jurisprudence

Born in Edinburgh in 1826, Henry Duncan Littlejohn was educated at Perth Academy. He taught for 42 years at the School of Medicine of the Royal College of Surgeons in the field of medical jurisprudence and public health. In 1897 he was made Professor of Medical Jurisprudence at the University […]

James Calder ~ Distiller

James Calder – distiller – born 28 December 1869 at Alloa to a family of brewers. He was educated at Perth Academy and later St Benedict’s College, Fort Augustus. In 1886 joined his father’s business and three years later became manager of the Bo’ness distillery. As a brewer/distiller, Calder put his […]

Robert Watt ~ Revolutionary or Police Informer

Robert Watt (1761×88-1794) – revolutionary or police informer – was educated at Perth Academy before taking up employment in Edinburgh. After various jobs – clerk, writer and wine merchant – he began working as a spy for the Lord Advocate, Robert Dundas. The late 18th century was a radical period across […]

James Browne ~ Journalist, Writer, and Editor

James Browne – journalist, writer and editor – born 1793 at Whitefield, Cargill and educated at St Andrews. Browne spent some time in various posts before settling on his eventual career. He initially trained for the Church of Scotland, then tutored before becoming an assistant master at Perth Academy. As well […]