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Patrick Bannerman ~ Minister, Writer, and Religious Radical

Patrick Bannerman (1715-1798) – minister, writer and religious radical. Born at Inveravon, educated King’s College, Aberdeen, ordained St Madoes in 1741 and then moved to Kinnoull parish in 1746. He wrote on religious and civil liberty and campaigned on these issues within the Protestant church – especially against ecclesiastical patronage and hierarchy within the church. Amongst […]

James Browne ~ Journalist, Writer, and Editor

James Browne – journalist, writer and editor – born 1793 at Whitefield, Cargill and educated at St Andrews. Browne spent some time in various posts before settling on his eventual career. He initially trained for the Church of Scotland, then tutored before becoming an assistant master at Perth Academy. As well […]

Patrick Matthew of Gourdiehill ~ Arboriculturist and Evolutionist

Patrick Matthew of Gourdiehill (1790-1874), writer on arboriculture and evolutionary theory, was born into a minor family of Perthshire landowners (Carse of Gowrie). He was educated at Perth Academy before going up to Edinburgh University to study medicine. Unfortunately, after his mother’s death, Patrick Matthew was forced to give up his […]