Perth Past

A Brief History of Perth’s Churches

St John’s Church – Monasteries – Chapel 1559 – John Knox – Church of Scotland – Presbyterianism 17th Century – Conventicles – Secret meetings held. The Covenanters adhered to the National Covenant. The Stuarts ruled by “Divine Right”. They believed that they were the Head of the Church. James VI […]

Schools of Perth

Schools of Perth 1790 to the Disruption 1843 1794 – Charity School funded by Society for Propagation of Christian Knowledge. Held in James VI Hospital by Mr Duff. The Grammar School of Perth. The Academy of Perth (1760). From 1807 these became the Seminaries in Rose Terrace. Stewart’s Free School, […]

Battle of Tippermuir ~ 1 September 1644

Battle of Tippermuir 1644 The Royalist Side James Lord Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose, 5th Earl of Kincardine, Baron of Montdieu (1612-1650): James Graham was born into a prominent Lowland family and became Earl in 1626 at only fourteen years of age. His early life was defined by his time at […]

Merchant Guild and Incorporations

William the Lion speaks of the “gild merchant”. In early times the merchant guild administered the town. They saw that the King’s taxes were paid and organised the markets and fairs. The guild was formed of merchants (businessmen) and in early times craftsmen who were burgesses of the town. Workers in […]

General Strike 1926

Despite the demise of the Soviet Union, the Russian Revolution of 1917 lingers in the collective memory of the people of Scotland. Many Scottish schoolchildren studying history are taught a module on ‘Lenin and the Bolsheviks’, and the term ‘Bolshi’ persists in everyday language. The People’s Palace Museum in Glasgow is home […]