Scottish National Operative Plasterers’ Federal Union Perth

Scottish National Operative Plasterers’ Federal Union – Perth

1914-1920 (documents): notices, working rules. 898. Perth Museum. 7 August 1920 mounted rules on board.

Subscription Book 1916-1926  898. Perth Museum. January 15 1916 20 names in book; 14 in July 1916; 26 in January 1920; 30 in April 1923; 36 in April 1924; Lists contributions; movement to and from other districts – Stirling, Dunfermline, Edinburgh etc. – expulsions (John Brown May 1917, George Ovenstone April 1917); whether workers were idle; money to central funds.

1920-35: 905 Papers includes working rules to be recognised between the employers and operatives with the plastering trade in Perth and District 1920; rules of the Union 1902; annual conference reports – 45th Annual Conference of Delegates Aberdeen 20th September 1930, 47th Annual Conference of Delegates Edinburgh 17th September 1932, 49th Annual Conference of Delegates Glasgow 2nd January 1935; monthly reports – September 1931 shows James Peebles of 27 Kinnoull Causeway as member of the Executive Committee and says that men are idle in Perth at that time also “the firms of Duff, Grandtully and P. Graham & Son, Bankfoot are closed to our members”. November 1931 The Ballot Vote for the National Agreement for 1932 as submitted by the employers nationally 1500 ballot papers issued and 177 For and 504 Against (others not returned) in Perth For was 8 and 17 Against September 1932 October 1932 – and contributions book stubs. James Peebles is Perth Branch Secretary at this time.