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Alexander Duff ~ Professor of Missionary Studies, Evangelist, and founder of the University of Calcutta

The first Professor of Missionary Studies at New College, Edinburgh University, Alexander Duff was born near Pitlochry in 1806. In 1829, he travelled as a missionary to India being there the first from Scotland to undertake such evangelical work. His missionary work was a combination of Christian teaching and modern […]

David Douglas ~ Botanist and Explorer

Botanist and explorer born at Scone in 1798. His journeys to North America resulted in the discovery of countless species of flora and fauna previously unknown to the science of botany. Many of these trees and plants were subsequently introduced to Britain, most notably the Douglas Fir (Oregon Pine – Pseudotsuga […]

Robert Carver ~ Composer

“Robert Carver (c1485-c1570) was perhaps the greatest of Scottish composers, and one of the most dynamic of early Renaissance British composers. Carver was apparently associated with the Royal Chapel of Scotland, as well as with the famous Scone Abbey. He is best known for his sacred choral music, of which […]