John Brown of Priesthill ~ Covenanter

John Brown of Priesthill ~ Covenanter: A devout Covenanter from Priesthill in Ayrshire who held illegal services at Priesthill; he was known as the Christian Carrier. In May 1685 John Graham of Claverhouse (Bonnie Dundee) with several troops came to the home of John Brown demanding of him an oath […]

William Cleland (c1661-1689) ~ Scottish Covenanting Poet and Soldier

William Cleland (c1661-1689) – Scottish Covenanting poet and soldier educated at St Andrew’s University and at Utrecht. He fought at Drumclog, Bothwell Brig and in Argyll’s expedition, when, as colonel of the Cameronians, he fell in the successful defence of Dunkeld against the Jacobite (Highland) clansmen in 1689. Also noted for […]