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Pilot Officer David Wood

Pilot Officer David Wood was called up at the start of the Second World War. Wood was one of the first volunteers from the Reserve Force which was inaugurated at Scone Aerodrome in late 1938. He was the star pupil of the volunteer school and became flight commander of Perth 38F Squadron (3rd Scottish), Air Defence Cadet Corps (later renamed […]

Flight Sergeant Antony Verdon Verdon

Antony Verdon Verdon RAFVR (657777) was the husband of Phyliss Verdon, Perth, and the son of Reverend Everard and Mary Edith Dorothea Verdon. Verdon was born 1 July 1915 at the Caundle Marsh Rectory in Sherbourne, Dorset, England. In 1944, he married Phyliss Eva Impett of 12 Kinfauns Crescent, Perth.  Verdon was a day boy on the training ship TS Mercury in […]

Squadron Leader Gavin Strang Smith

Squadron Leader Gavin Strang Smith (pilot) and his crew onboard Avro Lancaster ME840, call sign BQ-V from RAF 550 Squadron took off from RAF North Killinghome at 23.05 on 16 June 1944 for a raid to Sterkrade, Oberhausen in Germany. Nineteen aircraft from the squadron took off without incident, but one aircraft […]

Sergeant Derrick Barrie Simpson

What happened to Sergeant Derrick Barrie RAFVR (755136), age 19, is a bit of a puzzle. He was recorded as killed along with Pilot Officer Matthew Roy Turnbull RAF (42915), age 19,  and Sergeant Gilbert Peter Rowe RAFVR (751202), age 20, in the squadron operational record, but this is incorrect. Simpson was in fact killed […]

Flight Sergeant Gilbert Ferguson Sage

On the night of 13/14 February 1945, Bomber Command launched the infamous raid on Dresden. Two separate raids of 805 bombers led by RAF 7 Squadron as the Pathfinders, dropped more than 1,800 tons of bombs onto the target. US bombers attacked the marshalling yards and the city the following […]

Sergeant John Conacher Robertson

On 12 May 1940, at 0500 hours, three Bristol Blenheim’s of RAF 235 Squadron took off from RAF Bircham Newton, 13.4 miles north east of King’s Lynn, Norfolk. Their task was to protect a small force of Royal Marines and a battalion of Irish and Welsh Guards (651) at the Hoek van Holland […]

Leading Aircraftman Alex Thomson Paterson

During World War Two, more than 30,000 men served with the Airfield Construction (AC) Wings of the RAF (also known as Works Squadrons). An AC Squadron member consisted of every known trade and profession from the construction industry and their task was to repair bomb-damaged airfields and build new ones. As the war progressed, there was a requirement for longer and heavier runways as […]

Sergeant David Gall Hodge

On the night of 2/3 August 1941, Bomber Command sent 80 bombers to Hamburg, 53 to Berlin and 50 to Kiel, alongside 25 other operations. Eleven bombers were lost that night.  David Hodge of RAF 104 Squadron was onboard Vickers Wellington W5580 (EP-K) when it was lost over the North Sea and ditched off the coast of the Isle of Sylt, […]

Flight Sergeant Alfred William Patterson

RAF Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina Mk.IVa JX257, callsign Q/210, from RAF 210 Squadron took off from RAF Sullom Voe, Shetland, on 2 April 1945 at 1030 hours on an anti-submarine patrol north east of the Faeroe Islands. The crew are thought to have completed the patrol and were on their way home. At 0038 hours, a signal was received from the aircraft, ‘S.O.S. – KJOR 1515′. This was repeated at 0046, 0047, […]

Sergeant William Thomson

On the night of 5/6 September 1940, Handley Page Hampden HP52 Mk.I P1172 (PL-J) of RAF 144 Squadron took off at 2200 hours from RAF Hemswell, east of Gainsborough in Lincolnshire. The mission was to bomb Hamburg in Germany.   At 0456 hours, P1172 reported that it was in difficulty and requested a bearing for home. The […]