Daily Archives: June 3, 2014

Alan Gorrie and the Average White Band

Alan Gorrie native of Perth formed the Average White Band with friends in 1972. The Average White Band are a Scottish funk and Rhythm and Blues group with a number of soul and sico hits between 1974 and 1980. They were still playing in 2006 and were one of the […]

William Geddes and the Blairgowrie School of Painting

Perth Museum and Art Gallery (16 December 2006 – 5 May 2007) an exhibition entitled the Blairgowrie Boys. The following is taken from the accompanying notes from that exhibition, written by Maria Devaney, Principal Arts Officer. “The east Perthshire town of Blairgowrie was the home of William Geddes, a self taught […]

Edgar Allan Poe ~ Writer

The poet, writer, editor, literary critic and leader of the American Romantic movement, Edgar Allan Poe is believed to have lived in Perth for a short time. His adopted parents owned a property at 7 Barossa Place and it is believed that Poe may have spent some time in that […]

William Wordsworth ~ Poet

In 1803 Dorothy and William Wordsworth made a comprehensive tour of Scotland accompanied some of the time by the poet Coleridge. Dorothy gives a very full account of all the journey undertaken by William and herself, and the people they met. There is a certain tendency to consider the Trossachs […]

Sir David Young Cameron ~ Painter

“Sir David Young Cameron (born June 28, 1865 in Glasgow, Scotland, died in Perth, Scotland on September 16, 1945 – he died whilst in Perth to give a sermon at St. John’s Kirk) is a Scottish painter and etcher. He was trained at the Glasgow and Edinburgh Schools of Art in […]