St Andrews University

Thomas Semton ~ Clergyman and Moderator of the Church of Scotland

A clergyman born at Gask in Perthshire in 1536 Thomas Semton studied Philosophy at St Andrew’s University. He had attended school with James Lawson and Alexander Arbuthnot. Appointed to the post of Regent at Salvator’s College, Thomas Meton left for Europe during the Reformation. In 1578 after his return to […]

Thomas Tullidelph ~ Minister and University Principal

Thomas Tullidelph – minister and university principal; he was known as an eloquent speaker and preacher. Born in Dunbarney Parish to the local Minster, Thomas Tullidelph became the founder and first principal of United College, St Andrews University. He spent some 50 years as an academic and religious figure in Perthshire and […]

Lord Sands ~ Politician, Lawyer, Church Advisor, and Educationalist

Lord Sands ~ Born Christopher Nicholson Johnston on 18 October 1857 in Kincardine, Perthshire to the minister of the parish of Whithorn, Wigtownshire. He attended Madras College in St Andrews, then St Andrews University, Edinburgh University and Heidelberg University. In 1880, Johnston became an advocate and began a long career […]

Patrick Haldane ~ Politician and Lawyer

Patrick Haldane – politician and lawyer – born to John Haldane of Gleneagles (as a Whig represented Perthshire and Dunbartonshire in parliament; member of the first parliament of the UK) and Mary Drummond (daughter third Lord of Madderty and Lady Beatrix Graham) around 1683/4. He attended St Andrews University and attained […]