Perth: Street by Street

Perth Street by StreetPerth: Street by Street is an architectural, archaeological, geographical, historical, and visual journey around the city of Perth’s c.635 streets, avenues, closes, roads, and vennels. Drawing on a range of disciplines, Perth: Street by Street will appeal both to those readers interested in the history and life of Perth, and to anyone who has lived, worked, or spent time in Scotland’s Fair City. For the people of Perth and those who hail from St John’s Toun, the book will be particularly poignant. Within its pages, readers may find their own homes, workplaces, schools, favourite shops, and the public architecture and civic backdrop that form a part of their everyday existence.

Perth: Street by Street is also an attempt to create a snapshot of Perth in the year 2011 as a document for future and current researchers. As part of the research process for the book, the writer (accompanied by his then four-year old Cocker Spaniel, Cocoa Crunchie) walked every street in Perth over a nine-month period. This task involved observing and making notes about each street, and their associated buildings and businesses. Perth: Street by Street is consequently a personal journey around Perth: it includes that which the writer observed and that which his research has uncovered.

The descriptions of Perth’s streets and buildings are only part of the story of this city. Photographs have introduced a valuable visual experience to the pages. There has been a conscious attempt to employ images that encapsulate the wide diversity of the city’s streets. Perth is a mixture of the old and new. It is a wonderful city where medieval buildings sit next to modern constructions, and the past both dances and fights with the now. The book is both an image of Perth as it is today and an album of its past. Perth’s story continues – this book is but a moment in this ancient city’s journey through the ages.

Now out of print, the publishers Tippermuir Books Ltd have made the book available to Made in Perth.

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