Jeanfield & Wellshill Cemetery ~ First World War War Graves

There are around 170,000 Commonwealth war graves in the UK, 20,000 north of the border.

Burials from First World War are to be found across the cemetery.

‘The practice of non-repatriation, established during the First World War, meant that commonwealth personnel were buried or cremated where they fell. Those who are commemorated in the UK died at home or in hospital from their wounds, sickness or disease; in training accidents and air raids or were killed in the air or sea and their bodies washed ashore.’ Some 125,000 Scots were killed in World War I; some estimates put this figure as high as 145,000. This is out of an overall UK total of c750,000.

Source: Commonwealth War Graves Commission


Additional Parochial AP

Commonwealth CW

Jeanfield Section JFD

Parochial 1 P1

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Wellshill Section WS

e.g. P2 M 393 section Parochial 2 area M lair 393

First World War 1914-1919 – Commonwealth War graves

James Adams Company Serjeant Major d. 11/11/1916 age 49 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) P2 E 519

James Alexander Private d. 4/9/1916 age 19 Cameron Highlanders 7th Battalion P2 219

Alexander Anderson Private d. 30/12/1919 age 42 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 1st Battalion P2 E 553

J. P. Anderson Second Lieutenant d. 26/12/1918 age unknown Seaforth Highlanders P2 C 25

H. T. Andrews Private d. 3/3/1919 age 36 Canadian Forestry Troops JFD O 148

D. C. Band Private d. 10/12/1918 age 19 South Staffordshire Regiment 2nd Battalion JFD L 146

Thomas Birch Private d. 24/10/1917 age 18 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) C Company 8th Battalion P2 N 139

James Boag Private d. 7/1/1919 age unknown Royal Scots Fusiliers 3rd Battalion P2 I 373

Charles Grego Brown Private d. 31/7/1916 age 35 Army Service Corps MT Company JFD A 379

R. Brown Private d. 29/6/1916 Ayrshire Yeomanry 3rd/1st JFD P 25

D. Cameron Private d. 7/10/1914 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) P2 A 630

J. Cameron Private d. 8/4/1915 Scottish Horse 1st/1st P2 F 13

J. Cameron Private d. 25/11/1916 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) Depot JFD A 447

Alexander John Campbell Private d. 25/2/1917 age 20 Training Reserve 38th Battalion P1 435 Accountant who died on service with the Black Watch

J. Campbell Private d. 20/9/1919 Royal Army Service Corps WS 3490

J. Christie Private d. 26/3/1916 Royal Army Medical Corps P1 D 1267

A. A. Cowper Boy d. 24/11/1918 Royal Air Force P2 K 347

D. H. Duncan Private d. 18/2/1919 Cameron Highlanders 10th Battalion Awarded Greek Medal for Military Merit WS 1224

James Henry Ewart Colonel d. 1/1/1916 Seaforth Highlanders JFD A 380

Robert John Falconer Boy d. 6/6/1919 Royal Air Force P1 E 1701

W G Fraser Serjeant d. 27/2/1919 Royal Army Service Corps JFD O 70

John Garvie Private d. 2/11/1916 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 8th Battalion JFD O 45

G. A. Gatchell Private d. 1/7/1918 Canadian Infantry 2nd/1st Regimental Depot (Central Ontario) P2 C 287

Maurice Gordon Gillespie Private d. 4/3/1917 Scottish Horse 1st/1st Section JFD O 50

H. Gowan Serjeant d. 27/2/1919 Royal Army Ordinance Corps 54th Section JFD L 77

J. Gowans Private d. 12/1/1918 Royal Irish Fusiliers 2nd Battalion Special Memorial Buried Kirkton-of-Mailer Churchyard, Forgandenny

James Gowans Private d. 6/6/1917 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Depot ‘Who after a brilliant course in engineering at King’s College London enlisted at the outbreak of the Great War into the 14th Battalion  Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders was wounded and transferred to the 2nd Battalion 93rd was again wounded during a night attack on German lines dying a few days later in Tooting Hospital London’  P1 G 2211

A. Gray Lance Corporal d. 11/10/1915 Gordon Highlanders 6th Battalion P2 A 785

Alfred John Harrison Serjeant Major d. 11/6/1919 Army Pay Corps JFD O 153

John Hastie Private d. 26/5/1919 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 12th Battalion JFD O 152

Robert Turnbull Henderson Staff Serjeant d. 29/12/1918 Royal Army Service Corps 64th Division Train HQ MSM P2 M 393

Joe Heron Private d. 4/10/1916 Canadian Infantry 52nd Battalion P2 H 111

P. Hodge Driver d. 18/12/1919 Royal Field Artillery P2 A 352

John Husband Private d. 21/9/1917 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 1st Battalion P2 G 107

F. Jacobs Battery Serjeant Major d. 6/1/1919 Royal Field Artillery JFD P 48

W. James Private d. 11/12/1918 Royal Scots JFD O 139

Alexander Keay Private d. 18/12/1916 Training Reserve 77th Battalion P2 A 683

W. Keay Serjeant d. 6/8/1915 Royal Field Artillery 23rd Reserve Battery JFD L 9

H. Kennedy Private d. 31/10/1914 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 6th Battalion P2 N 338

W. Kennedy Private d. 23/10/1918 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) P2 K 233

Hugh Kerrigan Private d. 25/8/1916 Army Service Corps A Company MT 1 Lair 1744

J. King Fireman d. 30/7/1915 Mercantile Marine Reserve HMS No. 12 P2 N2 4 147 (Spec. Memorial)

Martin Knight Private d. 26/9/1919 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) JFD M 81

G. H. Lawrie Private d. 6/1/1917 Royal Scots Fusiliers 7th Infantry Works Company JFD O 61

J. Leyden Private d. 17/3/1919 Royal Army Service Corps MT Company JFD P 55

John Linning Major d. 16/9/1914 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 1st Battalion P2 E 38

James Fraser Low Private d. 12/11/1918 464 Labour Corps (Home Service) Employment Company Section P2 A 516

Patrick Lowrey Private d. 24/4/1916 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) AKA Patrick Clark JFD O 22

J. MacDonald Private d. 24/10/1916 Canadian Infantry 31st Battalion P2 H 32

J. MacDonald Private d. 10/2/1916 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) P2 K 113

Hector Macrae Private d. 10/10/1918 Cameron Highlanders 5th Battalion P2 A 543

John Marshall Private d. 15/3/1918 Army Service Corps MT Company P1 E 1691

W. J. Martin Private d. 17/8/1915 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 6th Battalion P2 K 102

Peter Matthews Sapper d. 12/12/1916 Royal Engineers P2 E 187

J. F. Michie Private d. 27/12/1916 Army Cyclist Corps 1st Highland Cyclist Battalion P2 H 34

J. S. H. Millar Second Lieutenant d. 13/01/1919 Middlesex Regiment P2 A 68

T. Moncrieff Private d. 1/12/1915 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 6th Battalion P2 C 273

Andrew Muckersie Private d. 8/8/1918 Highland Light Infantry 3rd Battalion P2 N 411

Alexander Dale Muir Second Lieutenant d. 12/4/1917 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 6th Battalion P2 E 11

J. Murray Gunner d. 23/1/1918 Royal Field Artillery 148th Brigade JFD M 51

William Robertson MacFarlane Private d. 18/8/1916 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 6th Battalion P2 E 240

T. McColl Private d. 26/3/1915 Gordon Highlanders 6th Battalion P2 A 785

W McDougall Private d. 9/2/1919 age 34 Northumberland Fusiliers 3rd Battalion P1 B 884

William McGregor Private d. 1/8/1915 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 6th Battalion P2 E 406

James McIntyre Private d. 7/11/1918 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 3rd Battalion JFD O 127

Thomas Munro McLennan McLean Private d. 28/4/1918 Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regiment) 2nd/6th Battalion P2 K 145

W. Paton Lance Serjeant d. 13/10/1914 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 3rd Battalion P1 D 1372

J E Petterson Private d. 12/5/1918 Northumberland Fusiliers P2 A 681

Ian McNaughton Pilkington Private d. 4/3/1916 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 2nd/6th Battalion P2 H 372

George Pirnie Pioneer d. 24/8/1918 Royal Engineers Inland Waterways & Docks P2 H 60

W. Reid Private d. 1/2/1918 Royal Scots Fusiliers JFD O 98

Charles Stewart Robertson Private d. 13/11/1918 Army Service Corps 621 Company WS 2664

Collin Cormack Robinson Serjeant d. 2/12/1916 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) P2 E 519

Alexander Rodger Private d. 7/11/1918 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 1st/1st Battalion P2 A 316

A. J. G. Ross Signaller d. 23/10/1917 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve HMS Vivid III P2 M 473

Joseph Scrimgeour Company Serjeant Major d. 28/10/1918 Scottish Horse 2nd/1st P2 I 405

Thomas Smith Serjeant d. 4/4/1918 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 3rd Reserve Battalion JFD E 311

William Sword Private d. 3/5/1918 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) P2 E 312

W. Taylor Driver d. 1/6/1919 Royal Marine Artillery P2 C 154

F. Thomson Private d. 21/4/1918 Royal Fusiliers Depot P2 C 309

P. Tolland Private d. 14/6/1915 DCM Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) P2 A 630

D. C. Walker Corporal d. 26/11/1916 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 6th Battalion JFD P 29

David Whyte Private d. 13/4/1915 Reserve Cavalry Regiment 5th P2 A 790

Clarence James Pethers Wilkie Private d. 2/4/1918 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) A Company 8th Battalion P1 G 2238

W. Young Driver d. 22/6/1918 Royal Field Artillery P2 C 312

W. Young Private d. 13/11/1918 Royal Air Force JFD M 17

First World War 1914-1919 – Other War Graves

William Beveridge L/C d. 30/4/1918 age 33 London Scottish Killed in Action Interred at Charanigen Military Cemetery, Jericho IE

James Chalmers Private d. 9/5/1915 age 21 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 1st Battalion Killed in Action France

Archibald Scott Cunningham Soldier d. 13/10/1915 age 20 Killed in Action at Ypres

Thomas Doris Soldier d. 16/5/1915 age 23 died of wounds received in action – interred at the British Eastern Cemetery Boulogne IE

John Dow Soldier d. 25/9/1915 age 24 9th Black Watch Killed in Action at Loos

Alfred Duncan Soldier d. 16/9/1916 Canadian Infantry Killed in Action France

John? Sergeant d. 27/3/1916 Royal Fusiliers Killed in Action St?

Archibald Forbes Soldier d. 30/7/1915 age 25 Killed in Action in France

Herbert Gladstone Soldier d. 4/12/1915 Gordon Highlanders 5th Battalion died of wounds in France

James Henderson Soldier d. 8/10/1918 interred at Villiers France Killed in Action IE

James Keay Hood Private d. 3 0/9/1918 10th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders fell at Joncourt France

John Kerrigan Private d. 24/3/1918 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 8th Battalion Killed in Action France ‘He also served in the Scottish Horse during the South African War and was wounded at Moedwi 30/9/1901’

William Keay L/C d. 3 0/7/1916 age 25 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) Killed in Action Somme

John Keay Soldier d. 9/2/1918 age 36 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 6th Battalion died of wounds in France

David Keay Private d. 1/9/1918 age 31 or 35 (check) Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers Killed in Action France

William Laidlaw Private d. 14/9/1914 Seaforth Highlanders Killed in Action Battle of Aisne

John Christie Leighton Private d. 3/11/1917 age 32 1/4 Royal Scots Fusiliers died from wounds interred at Deir El Belah Palestine IE

Archibald William Buchanan Miller Lieutenant d. 13/7/1917 age 21 1st Battalion King’s Own Scottish Borderers, attached to the Royal Air Force Killed in Action over Gheluvelt, Belgium. Same Plot as brother below.

Thomas Alexander Grant Miller Lieutenant d. 25/4/1915 age 21 1st King’s Own Scottish Borderers Killed in Action at the landing on Gallipoli. Same plot as brother above.

John Bricht Robertson Soldier d. 2/7/1916 16th West Yorkshire Killed in Action in the Battle of the Somme

John Scrimgeour Sergeant d. 27/3/1916 age 21 Royal Fusiliers Killed in Action at St Eloi

John Alan Stuart Private d. 10/4/1918 7th Seaforth Highlanders age 18 Killed in Action at Ypres

Peter? Soldier d. 16/7/1916 Wells, McLeish, or Stewart Killed in Action

Alexander? Soldier d. 5/11/1917 Wells, McLeish, or Stewart Killed in Action