Corporal Angus Harry McKillop

Corporal McKillop was killed two months after VE Day on 29 July 1945. The lorry he was travelling on collided with a tree at Northleach, Gloucestershire, 29 July 1945.

Angus Harry McKillop was aged 37 and was the son of Dugald and Jane Ann McKillop and the husband of Jane Adam Gall Mckillop, of Glover Street Craigie. Angus is buried in Wellshill Cemetery.

Three soldiers died immediately in the crash at Northleach Crossroads on the Saturday Evening at about 11.35pm. Nine other soldiers and two Land Army girls were admitted to the City General Hospital in Gloucester because of injuries received in the accident. One soldier later died in hospital.

The driver of the lorry was found to have driven in a grossly negligent manner, but not with criminal negligence. The overloading of the vehicle had contributed to the accident. There were 33 people on the lorry which was not adapted for passengers and was only supposed to take 20.

The four who died were Corporal Edward George Packer (35), Corporal Angus Harry McKillop (37), Corporal Henry John Lincoln (40) and Corporal Fred Baker (27).

Corporal Timothy George Luman who was in charge of the lorry, and was sitting with the driver Ronald Victor Chapman, said that they had passed the first traffic lights at Northleach when he saw two bright headlights coming towards them. The driver dimmed his lights and pulled to the left. The police later reported that the lorry had struck a tree. Corporal Lumen added that their average speed during the journey was 20 to 25 miles an hour.