Cemeteries of Perth

‘Archaeological excavations in Perth city centre uncovered a number of medieval human remains which were subsequently reburied in Wellshill cemetery in 1991’:

In Memorium of Remains in Perth City Centre June 1991’

Two Roman coins found at Wellshill Cemetery. One is a bronze coin of the emperor Licinias I (AD 307-324) and the other a billion coin of Nero (AD 54-68) donated to Perth Museum & Art Gallery Accession Number 1990.104


Politicians & Local Government Figures

John M Bruce Assistant Inspector of the Poor d.31/1/1930 WS

John Cellatly Superintendent of the Fechney Industrial School d.20/11/1866 age 28 WS

James Turner Douglas Solicitor & Burgh Prosecutor d.23/10/1945 WS

John Farquharson Superintendent of Cemeteries of Perth d.17/5/1867 WS

Duncan Gow Bailie of Perth d.1/3/1900 ‘for a quarter century a councillor of this city’ WS

Neil Gow Honorary Treasurer of Perth d.24/7/1929 son of Duncan Gow WS

Andrew Graham Late Lord Provost of Perth d.8/1/1887 age 83 WS

John Macleish Lord Provost of Perth d.9/1/1884 WS

William Macleish Town Clerk of Perth d.6/7/1901 WS

Andrew Martin JP Honorary Sheriff-Substitute of Perthshire d.7/3/1905 age 66 Ex Lord Provost Died at Montrabor WS

Patrick Martin Clerk to Perth School Board d.11/2/1911 Clerk for thirty years WS

Robert Martin Bailie d.6/6/1881 age 68 Solicitor & Clerk to the first school board of the Burgh Seventeen years Clerk of the Peace WS

Archibald McDonald Merchant & Lord Provost of Perth 1874-1877 d.25/7/1898 WS

Hugh Paterson Deputy Chief Constable of Perth City Police d.26/11/1940 WS

Alexander Simpson Medical Officer for Health for Perth d.23/10/1898 WS

George Wilson JP Lord Provost of Perth d.23/4/1910 age 73 Lord Provost (1890-1893) & Deacon of the Glover Incorporation WS

A Selection of Commercial, Industrial & Professional Figures

Matthew Smith Anderson China Merchant d.1/5/1882 age 53 WS

William Barclay Postrunner in Perth d.25/11/1889 WS

George Bayne Jeweller d.22/9/1924 WS

James Carmichael Shoemaker d.2/2/1889 age 82 WS

James Clarke? Headmaster d.21/3/1930 Southern District School WS

James Deuchar Warder General Prison d.27/5/1864 age 49 WS

William Evans Foreman Scottish Central Railway Company Engine Shed d.5/8/1853 WS

Fergus Ferguson B.Sc. (check) ‘of the United Africa Company Limited who was lost off the coast of Liberia 1911-1943’ WS

Walter Gillies English Master d. 31/10/1904 Master at Perth Academy for twenty years ‘Erected by his former pupils’ WS 

David Glass First Manager of the City of Perth Co-operative Society Limited d.25/10/1901 age 57 WS

Joseph Richardson Gloag Member of the London Stock Exchange d.15/9/1908 age 54 WS

Colin Graham Electrical Engineer WS

James Jack Engine Driver d.11/11/1894 age 57 WS

Andrew P Kelt Surgeon Dentist d.17/8/1919 age 67 WS

John Kippen Solicitor d.3/7/1891 age 77 WS

John MacDonald Wine Merchant d.25/1/1892 WS

Alexander MacLaren Ship-owner d.8/1/1890 age 71 WS

James MacLeish JP, Plumber & Brassfounder d.24/2/11916 age 76 WS

William McArthur Inspector Caledonian Railway Perth d.11/11/1894 age 66 ‘Erected as a mark of respect by his fellow servants’ WS

Peter McCowan Upholsterer d.22/11/1914 age 65 WS

James McDonald Innkeeper North Port Perth d.8/2/1860 WS

Alexander McLaren Watchmaker d.19/8/1863 age 23 WS

David Morrison Joiner d.9/4/1913 age 79 WS

Henry Owen HM Inland Revenue d.7/8/1872 age 26 WS

Charles S Robertson Architect of Perth d.30/4/1897 WS

David Scott Surgeon of Perth d.31/10/1878 age 82 ‘During a practice of upwards of 50 years he was the helper of the poor in their distress. A great friend among the citizens of Perth and well known for his lively humour and happy disposition’ WS

William Dunbar Steele Rector of the Grammar School d.31/12/1884 WS

Peter Thomson Merchant d.21/8/1939 age 68 WS

John Todd Ink Manufacturer d.21/10/1865 WS

David Vass Gas Engineer City of Perth Corporation 1912-1937 d.14/10/1937 WS

James Wright Grocer d.8/1/1903 age 81 WS

A Selection of Artistic, Literary & Cultural Figures

William Soutar MA Hon. the Scottish Poet b.28/4/1898 d.19/10/1943 WS


Alexander Alexander d.23/8/2003 WS

John Barclay d.12/6/1981 ‘Isle of Man TT on his DucatiWS

Peter Robert Drummond

Janet Glas d.24/11/1942 age 38 at Shanghai WS

Henry K Lindsay Ship’s Captain d.x/9/1898 ‘Captain of the Laurelbank which foundered at sea in September 1898 on the voyage from Shanghai to Portland’ WS

Robert Stewart Menzies d.22/2/1895 in memory ‘buried in the Scotch Cemetery Calcutta’ WS

Agnes Miller d.26/4/1879 – Elizabeth Miller d.7/4/1876 Jane Miller d.11/5/1880 – Margaret Miller d.5/4/1887 ‘In loving remembrance of four sisters’ WS

James Moir – Volunteer in the British Battalion, International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-9 – killed the Battle of Brunete July 1937.

Moncrieff (& Noad) FamilyJohn Moncrieff d.30/9/1899 age 63 – John Elliott Moncrieff Noad d.18/4/1953 – George Edward Noad d.9 March 1956 age 56 in Kenya – Katherine Francis d.7/11/1932 age 32 at Kashmir WS

James Morrison Wood Forester d.29/10/1884 ‘who was for over forty years the faithful servant of the Oliphants of Gask … on the Gask Estate’ WS

Margaret Payne L.L.C.M. A.L.C.M. (Eloc.) Final year Arts student of Glasgow University who died suddenly on holiday at Perth 8/4/1945 aged 18 years WS

Pullar FamilySir Robert Pullar MP Perth 1907-1909 d. 9/9/1912 age 84 Group of three memorials together: first: Charles Daniell d.5/10/1828 age 35 and others – second Sir Robert Pullar and others – third Rufus Daniell Pullar d.22/9/1917 age 56 and Robert Morison Pullar d.27/1/1930 WS There are Pullars of Rosebank buried elsewhere in WS

Sydney John Pullar d.9/10/1875 and Adelcunde Ferguson Pullar d.9/6/1907 born at Berlin WS

Rollo of Rodney Lodge e.g. Hon. John Rollo d.30/11//1879 age 64 Son of the 8th Baron Rollo of Duncrub WS

Dr Trotter WS


John Burton Very Reverend d.8/8/1855 Provost of St Ninian’s Cathedral (for 14 years) WS

James W D Carruthers Reverend d.10/6/1906 Minister of the North United Free Church WS

Elizabeth Gloyne Missionary India d/14/5/1855 WS

James MacDonald Reverend d.6/5/1891 age 66 ‘For thirty-nine years Minister of the Free Church Aberuthven’ WS

Andrew McGill Campbell Reverend d.14/12/1974 Retired Minister Church of Scotland WS

Thomas Miller Reverend d.29/12/1878 Minister of Wilson United Presbyterian Church ‘died in the 22nd year of his ministry’ WS

Alexander Pettigrew Reverend d.16/6/1879 age 55 Minister of the United Presbyterian Congregation Balbeggie ‘32nd year of his ministry’ WS

John Strathern MA Reverend d.15/8/1954 Minister for 34 years of Craigie Parish Church WS

John Stuart Leader of Psalmody d.21/5/187x Wilson Church ‘By the members of his choir and a few musical friends’ WS

John Tulloch Reverend d.17/1/1894 age 81 Minister of the Free Church of Scotland for forty-nine years, twenty-nine at St Stephen’s Church WS

Old Kinnoull Churchyard

The church was a gift in the mid-fourteenth century from Sir Robert Erskine of the Barony of Kinnoull to the Abbey of Cambuskenneth and was dedicated to St Constantine (King Constantine III). The aisle was built in 1635 as a memorial to Sir George Hay, Lord Chancellor of Scotland who became the First Earl Kinnoull in 1633 and was buried in the vault (which the aisle encloses) after his death in 1634. It was subsequently used as the burial lair of later earls of Kinnoull. The church was in operation until 1826. The lair includes the remains of

Margaret Tudor

Effie Gray

Greyfriars Cemetery

Situated in the ‘yard’ of the Greyfriars Monastery and used as a burial ground since late 1580 – taking over from that of St John’s Kirk and later superseded by Wellshill. Found in its confines are merchants, maltmen, glovers, shipmasters, dyers, Provosts, clergy, and notaries.

John Mylne – master Mason to James VI

Robert Mylne – architect of Blackfriars Bridge and surveyor of St Paul’s Cathedral (d.1802)

Robert Anderson

Weekes – actor and comedian

Farquharson – of Singapore