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John Barclay ~ Anatomist

John barclay ~ an anatomist born in Perthshire (1758) who helped to found the Dick Veterinary College of Edinburgh. The Barcleian Museum of the Edinburgh College of Surgeons was founded from his anatomical collection. He died in 1826.

Robert Sandeman ~ Promoter of the Glasite Church

“Robert Sandeman (born Perth 29 April 1718, died Danbury, Connecticut 2 April 1771) was a nonconformist theologian. He was closely associated with the Glasite church which he helped to promote. He was born the second of twelve children to a linen weaver, David Sandeman and his wife Margaret Ramsay. He […]

Robert Reid ~ Architect

Born in Edinburgh on 8th November 1774 he was the principal Government architect in Scotland in the first half of the 19th Century. His career began with a design for the law Courts in Edinburgh in 1803. He adhered to the style of the Adam brothers in his exteriors. Their […]

Robert Smirke ~ Architect

Born in 1780 in London he was the second son of the artist Robert Smirke. In 1796 he entered the office of Sir John Soane. He gained Silver and Gold Medals at the Royal Academy. He travelled and continued his studies in Greece and Italy. Sir Robert Smirke designed Sir […]

Alexander Drummond ~ the Auchterarder Warlock

In the 15th Century, the knowledge of medicine and diseases was at the best rudimentary. Holy wells abounded and were credited with the power of curing everything from barrenness to whooping cough, madness to lumbago. There were ceremonies involved too and if the cure was unsuccessful it could be blamed […]

Christie Cleek ~ Cannibal

Christie Cleek (or -Cleek or of-the-Cleek), is a legendary Scottish cannibal, somewhat in the vein of the better-known Sawney Bean. According to folklore, his real name was Andrew Christie, a Perth butcher. During a severe famine in the mid-fourteenth century (Hector Boece records floods, morrain and plagues of ‘myce and […]

Robert Graham ~ Town Clerk

Robert Graham (born c. 1660 and died 1719 in Perthshire). Owner of Drumsad and also acquired other lands: Damside, Kirklands of Aberuthven, Woodside of Kincardine, Wester Lands and Baillie lands of Abe Ruthven (this land he sold to David Haldane (married to Mary Graeme) of Aberuthven). Writer (Solicitor) in Perth. […]

Thomas Telford ~ Engineer

Born in 1757, the son of a simple Dumfriesshire shepherd, Thomas Telford became one of the foremost civil engineers of the 18th and early 19th century. He was responsible for the Menai Suspension Bridge (at its time the longest spanning bridge in the world) and the Caledonian Canal. He built […]

Patrick Blair ~ Botanist, Surgeon and Anatomist

The first ever dissection of an elephant was undertaken by Patrick Blair in 1706. Blair was born around 1680 at Lethendy in Perthshire, the third son of George Blair, a farmer and Euphame. Blair was apprenticed to a surgeon-apothecary from the late 1680s, probably in Coupar Angus. He spent the […]

Isabel Allison ~ Covenanter

Located on the memorial in the Grassmarket to the Covenanters executed in Edinburgh is the name of Isabel Allison, a woman of Perth. “ISABEL ALISON was an unmarried woman who lived at Perth, and probably did not exceed twenty-seven years of age. Among her religious acquaintances she maintained a high […]