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Major General William Farquhar ~ Founder of Singapore

William Farquhar (1770 -1839) is known with Stamford Raffles to have been instrumental in the founding of the colonial settlement at Singapore. When Stamford Raffles left the colony, William Farquhar became for four years first British Resident and Commandant of Singapore (1819-1823). He retired to Perth where he died 11 […]

Frederick Douglass ~ Abolitionist and Statesman

Frederick Douglass was a former slave in 19th Century America who became an internationally renowned abolitionist leader and statesman. Douglass campaigned and spoke on the immorality and brutality of slavery both in America and abroad. During the Civil War he was an adviser to Abraham Lincoln. He served the United […]

Oliver Cromwell ~ Bourgeois Revolutionary and Soldier

Charles II was crowned at Scone in 1651 where he agreed to subscribe to the Solemn League and Covenant, and within a year of this coronation Oliver Cromwell dispatched his Parliamentarians to take the fair city. As Cromwell’s forces arrived in Scotland, the Burghs of Perth sent 100 men under […]

James Connolly ~ Socialist, Revolutionary, Trade Unionist, and Republican

James Connolly was born at 107 Cowgate in Edinburgh (an area known commonly as Little Ireland) on June 5 1868 and went on to become the General Secretary of the Irish Transport & General Workers Union (IT&GWU), one of the seven signatories to the 1916 Proclamation of Irish Independence, and […]

Helen Crawfurd ~ Political Activist, Suffragette and Red Cydesider

Helen Crawfurd (1877-1954) was born Helen Jack on 9 September 1877. Her family moved to Ipswich when she was quite young and it was in England that she was educated. At the age of 17 Helen Crawfurd returned to Glasgow with her family. Coming from an intensely religious family (her […]